2018 BENEFIT Concert 

Marin Homeless Aid’s mission is to provide local, community driven solutions to end homelessness in Marin County. What brought us all together Saturday, November 3 at the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium was to create just that – an amazing community of caring individuals, who along with ourselves love and celebrate music, and also want to help their family, friends and neighbors in the community. We honor our sponsors, concert attendees, Fleetwood Mask and the Illeagles for helping to make our 2nd Annual Benefit Concert Solving Homelessness in Marin County such an amazing success.


With your generosity and amazing support, we were able to raise $15,000. These funds were given yesterday to Executive Director  Mary Kay Sweeney, PhD and Deputy Executive Director  Paul Fordham of Homeward Bound of Marin (https://hbofm.org), where they will use these funds to help provide crucial services to over 1,000 homeless adults and families in Marin County, and also to help complete the renovation of a new home for 12 low-income seniors at  King Street Senior Housing in Larkspur.

It is our goal to have the largest community driven and music-inspired fundraising event Marin County has ever seen. So, stay tuned for more to come from Marin Homeless Aid in 2019!!